• Bio Sulfa

    Thiobacillus bacteria break down the hydrogen sulfide (H2S)
    produced by the pretreatment plant and bio-sulfur is produced.
    It is the world's first, the largest and the only eco-friendly bio-port in the world.

  • Landfill gasification

    Using LFG as the energy resource, we not only contribute to producing electricity but creating economic value whereas minimizing the environmental impact in the nearby surroundings withal preventing global warming.
    Taking 200kWh per month as an average energy consumption, it has the power to supply 180,000 households with electricity.

  • Bio-energy recycling

    Organic waste based vehicle fuel business
    Sewage disposal gas based vehicle fuel business
    Hydrogen production and vehicle charging gas fuel cell charging from landfill gas refinery process.

  • Technical Consulting

    We consult the accumulated hydrogen production technology of the world's largest metropolitan area landfill gas power plant and the biogas process that converts organic waste into energy.
    Consulting, field visit, production facility construction through precision design, business technology consulting.

ECO BIO information

Eco Bio Holdings thrives with passion to become the pioneer in its field by building a society based on recycling resources, with its innovation oriented spirit derived from evolving past technology and adapting it into a new environment..

  • Since 1989
    Innovation and evolution of past technologies
    Adapt to a new environment
    Resource circulation with pioneer spirit
    We want to be a leader in society..
  • High growth rate
    First in the world, the word Max is not afraid
    With accumulated passion
    Creating the standards of the world
    It is specialized in renewable energy.
  • The world's largest
    Metropolitan landfill 50MW/h
    200kWh per month using furniture
    Electricity can be supplied to 180,000 households